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This module of Kwickmetrics, gives you the complete details about the unclaimed inventories that have been lost. And with the help of this you can raise request to collect money back from amazon.

Unclaimed Units

Gives you the details about the total number of unclaimed units that have been lost but have not been claimed by you yet. Unclaimed Units

Unclaimed Amount

Gives you the details about the total amount that is yet to be claimed by you for the potential lost inventories. Unclaimed Amount

Claimed Units

Gives the details about total number of lost inventories that have been claimed by you so far. Claimed Units

Claimed Amount

Gives you the details about the total amount of lost inventories which have been claimed by you. Claimed Amount

Lost Inventories

Gives you a well defined tabular display of the lost inventories along with its SKUs, ASINs FN SKUs,Unclaimed units and Unclaimed amount. Clicking on any of the row will display the details about the concerned inventory carrying the details like Adjusted Date, Quantity, Reason and Disposition. Lost Inventories

SKUSKU of the concerned inventory
ASINASIN of the concerned inventory
FN SKUFN SKU of the concerned inventory
Unclaimed Units Details about the Unclaimed units that been lost
Unclaimed Amount Details about the amount that has been left unclaimed from the lost inventory


Clicking on the filter icon in the top right side corner of the page will take you to the filter panel where you will be allowed to create filters. Using this will help you to narrow down your search results. Enter the SKU filter details by choosing from the dropdown and select whether you want to save this as a new filter or want to make a change in the existing one. Choose the unclaimed units and unclaimed amount ranges from the scroller. Enter the FN SKU, SKUs and ASIN and click on apply to save the changes you have made. Clicking on the Reset option will reset the details that you have entered in the filter panel. Lost Filters