You can find all the glossary from Kwickmetrics help guide here for easy reference,

Amazon Seller Central. It is the web interface provided by amazon for sellers to manage their seller account and business.

Compatibility. The official support provided to list of browsers that can run the KwickMetrics application easily without any difficulties.

Integrate. Connecting your seller central account with KwickMetrics to fetch the sales data.

Key Performing Indicators. These are the main data points which are vey useful to identify the performance of the sales of your business. It can include the sales data of the orders, products and units in particular area/region, category or tags.

Marketplace. The amazon website like, etc in which the buyers make purchases for your products.

MWS AuthToken. The unique access ID provided to you by Amazon to authorIse the developer.

Near Real Time. The data of the products and units from amazon are frequently synched automatically to Kwickmetrics. The data may not be synched in real time when a change occurs in your sales on amazon, but all the details will be synched in particular periods, without any loss.

Reporting Tool. A Tool is referred here as the Kwickmetrics online application in which you can find all the data in forms of metrics and reports

Seller ID. The unique ID given to you by amazon when you have a seller account. Ex: 113-9517201-4212232.

SKU. A unique code provided for the each unit by the seller.

Sync. An established active connection between Kwickmetrics and Amazon

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